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the grift shopthe grift shop

Just the tip

The Square Point of Sale Terminal you love to use for buying coffee can now process rent, too: Because who doesn't want to show their landlord some extra love for merely providing a roof over your head?

Do you ever lie awake at night, wondering how you can truly express your appreciation for the landlord who graciously allows you to live on their property while they collect your hard-earned money? Well, wonder no more.

Featuring the revolutionary Point of Sale Terminal, you can now pay your rent with ease and offer your beloved landlord a well-deserved tip for their exceptional "service." Choose between a 20, 25, or 30% tip option because we all know the sky's the limit when it comes to showing gratitude for the privilege of having somewhere to live!

It's time to put the "fun" back into "funding your landlord's early retirement!"